Mandela Effect

“This isn’t a conspiracy, and we’re not talking about “false memories.” Many of us speculate that parallel realities exist, and – until now – we’ve been “sliding” between them without realizing it.” -Fiona Broome

In 2013, Fiona Broome coined the term Mandela Effect after realizing that there was a collective mis-remembering surrounding the details of Nelson Mandela’s death. While Nelson Mandela actually died in 2013, many people had originally thought that he died in prison in the 80s. Since this discovery, there have been many other examples of this effect including Looney Tunes, Berenstain Bears, and Froot Loops.

(04:06) “…it’s on a collective level. There are thousands of people that have these same misrememberings.”

The main theory behind this effect is that there are alternate realities and temporal rifts occur that cause people to go into new realities where certain events have happened differently. The more likely explanation is a simple occurrence of false memory on a large scale.

The information was gathered from

You can listen to the episode on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Stitcher, and Buzzsprout.

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