Roanoke Colony

“When he came back, the colony was gone. White knew the majority had planned to move “50 miles into the maine,” as he wrote, referring to the mainland. The only clue he found about the fate of the other two dozen was the word “CROATOAN” carved into a post, leading historians to believe they moved south to live with American Indians on what’s now Hatteras Island.” – Martha Waggoner, Scientists report new clue to fate of Roanoke Lost Colony

Shortly after the establishment of the Roanoke Colony, Sir Walter Raleigh returned to England for more supplies. When he returned three years later, in 1590, the colonists he left behind were mysteriously gone. The only clue remaining was the word “CROTOAN” carved into a post and the letters “CRO” carved into a tree. Raleigh and other explorers tried multiple times to travel to Croataon island, but all failed. To this day, no one knows the fate of what happened to those colonists.

(17:20) “There was a map made in 1607…that literally says on it ‘four men clothed that came from roonock.”

Some theories include integration, murder by Native Americans or Spain, or climate factors. In 2007, the Lost Colony of Roanoke DNA Project was established by a group led by Roberta Estes in hopes of finding the the truth behind what happened to these colonists.

The information was found & &

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