Bloody Mary

“As she was burning, she set a curse upon the villagers and told them that if they ever dared to utter her name in a mirror, she would be back for them – her spirit would return to wherever they summoned her from to exact her revenge.” – Haunted Rooms

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

Everyone knows the supposed danger of saying that name three times into a mirror in the dark, but where did the story come from?

There are three potential women that the story originated from:

  1. Queen Mary I
    • Daughter of King Henry VIII and Catherine Aragon
    • Signed an act that allowed her to burn Protestants at the stake (240 men and 60 women were executed)
    • Experienced multiple false pregnancies
  2. Elizabeth Bathory
    • Part of Protestant nobility in Hungary
    • Supposedly tortured and killed over 600 girls and bathed in their blood
    • (06:55) “Oh, is this that b*tch that bathed in blood?”
  3.  Mary Worth
    • Killed during the Salem Witch Trials
    • Created tinctures and herbal remedies for locals
    • Small girls in the village went missing and people blamed Mary
    • One night the village found Mary luring a child using a glowing wand
    • She was burned at the stake and set a curse upon the villagers

Sources used for this episode come from and and

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