JFK & Lincoln Assassination Coincidences

“The coincidences are easily explained as the simple product of mere chance. It’s not difficult to find patterns and similarities between any two marginally-related sets of data, and coincidences similar in number and kind can be (and have been) found between many different pairs of Presidents. Our tendency to seek out patterns wherever we can stems from our desire to make sense of our world; to maintain a feeling that our universe is orderly and can be understood. In this specific case two of our most beloved Presidents were murdered for reasons that make little or no sense to many of us, and by finding patterns in their deaths we also hope to find a larger cosmic “something” that seemingly provides some reassuring (if indefinite) rhyme or reason why these great men were prematurely snatched from our mortal sphere.” – Snopes.com

While four presidents of the United States have been assassinated, two of them particularly stand out: John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s is especially memorable because it was the first assassination of a U.S. president while JFK’s is memorable because of the T.V. coverage and the conspiracies surrounding it.

In addition to these assassinations standing out on their own, when analyzed together, these events become full of interesting coincidences.

(01:15) “I remember I was probably in, like, fifth grade and it just blew my mind that things could be the same so far apart.”

A few of the coincidences include both presidents being succeeded by a southerner named Johnson, being elected to congress and as president one hundred years apart, and both losing children during their time in the White House.

Sources for this episode are from https://www.snopes.com/and https://en.wikipedia.org/

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