Black Dahlia Murder (Elizabeth Short)

“Dottie [Elizabeth’s sister], Bette, and I were going to be movie stars. We were all entranced with movie stars, star struck. Spent hours talking about movie stars, about going to Hollywood. We performed using the Short’s front porch as a stage. Every Friday as soon as the song sheets came out, we’d pool our money, get the latest sheets, and spend hours singing. Bette imitated Deanna Durbin. Walked like her, talked like her, and in my eyes sang like her.”– Eleanor Kurz, Medford neighbor and friend

In January of 1947, a mother and her child were walking in a Hollywood neighborhood when they stumbled upon the body of Elizabeth Short. Elizabeth was drained of blood, cut in half, and mutilated.

Elizabeth was born in Massachusetts but moved to California at a young age to pursue an acting career. During her time in California, she dated several men which made the hunt to find her killer even more challenging.

(12:48) “In 1947, the police had processed and eliminated a list of 75 suspects and then in December of 1948 the detectives had considered 192 suspects in total.”

After her body was found, news spread quickly and news outlets dubbed Elizabeth Short the Black Dahlia. In addition to the police’s extensive list of suspects, around sixty people stepped forward and claimed they were responsible for the murder. The long list of suspects and possible corruption within the L.A.P.D. leaves this murder unsolved over 70 years later.

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