Spontaneous Human Combustion

“The most likely victim of spontaneous human combustion is a solitary woman, 75 percent of all known cases of SHC are women. I tell her that some people believe that arsonist poltergeists are to blame, that the spirits of firestarters roam the cities setting souls on fire.” – Kevin Wilson, Tunneling to the Center of the Earth

There have been dozens of stories about individuals who were found burned to ash, except their feet and furniture surrounding them were still intact. In these cases, it was unclear if there was a source of ignition with the individuals. In most of the cases, the individuals were alcoholics or smokers, so many of the explanations point at their lifestyles. Some religious folks blame sin and claim that the souls had been lit on fire.

(10:07) “The body is just basically a wet rag that you’d use in a molotov cocktail.”

The most scientifically supported explanation is the wick effect. This effect claims that the clothes and hair of the victims acts as a wick while the fat on the individuals acts as candle wax. When the fat runs out, such as in the extremities, the fire stops.

This phenomenon is difficult to explain as the human body requires high temperatures and long exposure in order to burn. If the victims were intoxicated then that could explain why they would allow the fire to continue to burn. There is still no hard evidence, as no one has witnessed one of these fires occur.

The information for this episode is from https://www.livescience.com and https://allthatsinteresting.com/ and http://mentalfloss.com

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