Plum Island

“The very history of Plum Island – a post-WWII Army biological weapons lab, the decades of secrecy and today’s tight security – all seem to conspire to feed the rumors about what really goes on here.

The less that was known, the more people invented: Stories like that of the Montauk Monster, a creature spawned in the lab that escaped into the sea. Rumors about alien experiments.

But the most pervasive story is the one about Lyme disease. Carroll, a lawyer who admits he has no background in science, contends in his book that Lyme disease was fostered on Plum Island and spread.” – CBS News

Plum Island is the site of the Plum Island Animal Disease Center and was formerly the site of the Fort Terry. The island is owned by the U.S. government and is extremely difficult to get to since access to the island is controlled by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

In 1975, 39 children of Lyme, Connecticut experienced symptoms similar to arthritis which would later be dubbed Lyme disease. The disease was spread by ticks, but the origin was unknown. There are theories that the origin of the disease can be attributed to an accidental release of infected ticks from Plum Island.

Many people suggest that the experiments with the ticks may have been experiments conducted with a goal of obtaining a weapon of biological warfare. Other people suggest that experiments occur on the island resulting in mutant animals.

(07:40) “[Lab 257] talks about post World War II experiments that were conducted on Plum Island.”

In this episode, guests Caity and John discuss the history of Lyme disease, Plum Island, and the links between the two.

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