D.B. Cooper

“Miss, you’d better look at that note. I have a bomb.” -D.B. Cooper

The story of D.B. Cooper and his infamous hijacking is yet another mystery that has yet to be solved. On November 1971 on a flight to Seattle, Washington, a man named Dan Cooper slipped a note to a flight attendant. When she didn’t read it, Cooper disclosed he had a bomb.

(2:50) “So this dude, wearing a fancy cardigan hijacks a plane, basically.”

Cooper made a deal with the flight crew and FBI to get $200,000 cash and some parachutes. The FBI complied and not a single passenger was harmed during the hijacking. Many say Cooper was an intelligent, informed airman and parachuter, despite what the authorities may have claimed.

Cooper strapped the money to his body and jumped, taking two parachutes and leaving behind only his clip-on tie, tie clip, and 8 cigarette butts.

What happened to Cooper when he jumped out of the slow moving plane? Was the money found? We know Cooper never was.

In this episode, guest Cuyler and host Skye discuss what they think happened to D.B. Cooper.

The sources for this episode are Wikipedia, The Skyjacker that Got Away, and BuzzFeed Unsolved.

Listen to the episode on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Stitcher, and Buzzsprout.

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