Black Knight Satellite

“I have a deep conviction that highly intelligent beings exist on Mars” 

Nikola Tesla to a reporter from the Albany telegram in 1923

The Black Knight Satellite conspiracy theory is perhaps one of the most popular satellite conspiracy theories, but does the Black Knight even exist?

The Black Knight, ultimately, is an unidentified object (or perhaps an Unidentified Flying Object) that is orbiting Earth in a polar orbit and oddly, in retrograde. It is claimed to have been seen several times over the course of the last century, and ultimately, the known history of the Black Knight is comprised of these individual stories.

This peculiar orbiting object was first known to be discovered by Nikola Tesla around the turn of the century, before the launch of the infamous Sputnik. In 1899, Tesla claimed to have detected “unearthly” electrical signals in his Colorado laboratory and believed they were signals from Mars. Approximately 20 years later, similar signals were reported by amateur radio operator Jorgen Hals in Norway.

Further evidence for the existence of the Black Knight was gathered in 1954 when the US Air Force reportedly discovered two satellites orbiting Earth in retrograde three years before the launch of Sputnik.

Release of declassified information from the time indicates that these objects were related to the Corona Spy Satellite, of which the US Discoverer research program was a cover for. The intention of the Corona spy program was to photograph the USSR. As the Cuban Missile Crisis was was soon approaching, there was fear of what release of this information could cause and it was therefore kept under wraps.

17:36 “But that, that would go against the fact. And it’s a fact that Sputnik is the first satellite.”

The most recent sighting of the Black Knight was in 1998 when the crew of the Endeavour photographed an unusual object orbiting Earth. While the object was not in polar orbit as past reports had claimed, this photograph is perhaps one of the most convincing pieces of evidence of the existence that the Black Knight truly exists. NASA maintains however that this photograph was most likely the picture of a thermal blanket floating away from the Endeavour.

Which leads us to ask, is it debris? Is it aliens? Is it really just the spies? Listen as host Skye and guest Cuyler discuss their thoughts on the Black Knight Satellite Conspiracy Theory.

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Sources for this episode include Gaia, Armagh Planet, Vice,

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