Frank Hamer: Bonnie and Clyde Revisited


Frank Hamer to a large group of men blocking a bank entrance

For this episode, Skye digs back into the Bonnie and Clyde case, this time from the perspective of the man who took them down: Frank Hamer.

Frank Hamer got involved after Bonnie and Clyde completed the Eastham Prison Farm escape in 1934. The law enforcement were becoming desperate as they had continuously let Bonnie and Clyde slip through their fingers, resulting in embarrassment for all forms of law enforcement.

Frank Hamer, previous Texas Ranger, was recruited as a Highway Patrol Man to track down Bonnie and Clyde and take them down by any means necessary. In his youth, Hamer was an excellent hunter and tracker. He utilized these skills in the hunting of Clyde Barrow’s gang. He mapped their crimes, noting the patterns and “home bases” that the gang seemed to continuously return to.

At the time, when Bonnie and Clyde crossed state boundaries, they could no longer be arrested. Hamer recruited the help of other law enforcement officials from other jurisdictions in order to overcome this hiccup.

Hamer and his posse set up a trap, along with the help of Henry Melville’s parents, to get Bonnie and Clyde to stop their vehicle. Hamer and his posse died hundreds of rounds into Bonnie and Clyde, neither of them had a chance.

Hamer would spend the rest of his days as a mediator for strikes. He also assisted in taking down the corruption that occurred in the election of Lyndon Johnson in Texas.

Sources for this episode include Wikipedia

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