The Lost City of Atlantis

“But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea.” 

Plato, Timaeus/Critias

Atlantis was first written about by Plato around 360 BC, but Plato claims that the accounts are from 9,000 years prior. It is written about in the Timaeus and Critias dialogues where they entertain Socrates with a story that is “not a fiction, but true.”

Poseidon possessed the Island of Atlantis which resulted in Atlantis becoming a sort of utopia. Atlantis had fertile plains, springs of fresh water, an abundance of wood, elephants, and it was made up of rings of water and land.

Atlantis was punished for their hubris by Poseidon. A nearby volcano erupted, creating a tidal wave that swallowed the city whole.

The story of Atlantis disappeared from public knowledge for centuries, but was brought back into the light in the 17th century by Francis Bacon. Since then, many people have used the story of Atlantis as an inspiration for books, TV shows, and movies.

There has been immense speculation on where Atlantis could have been. Some of these locations include the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and Europe. Two locations that include a significant amount of evidence include the Richat Structure in Mauritania and Santorini, Greece.

The Richat Structure is a 23 km wide structure made up of concentric rings of stone. Geologists can’t seem to pinpoint the cause of the Richat Structure. The size of the Richat Structure is so large that it can only be seen from high altitudes. The size of the structure also aligns with the accounts of Atlantis written by Plato.

The Richat Structure

(15:07) “It’s so intriguing, the idea that there was this, like, advanced civilization that went away, but somehow we are the remnants of it and the mystery is trying to reconnect to it…”

Other details of the Richat Structure that aligns with Plato’s account includes mountains to the north with waterfalls, an opening to the sea in the south, and Atlantis becoming inaccessible by ship, possibly suggesting that Atlantis became land locked.

Other interesting details include that mountains in the northern part of Africa are named the Atlas Mountains, named after a previous ruler of ancient Mauritania. The ruler of Atlantis was a character also named Atlas.

Santorini, Greece, a modern vacation destination, is believed by experts to have once been home to the infamous Atlantis. During the time of the would-be Atlantis, Santorini was thriving atop a massive volcano. Residents kept the gods happy by making sacrifices to the volcano, but alas it eventually erupted in what would be one of the largest recorded volcanic eruptions in history, destroying everything on the island. It is said that at one time the Minotaur was buried there.

The most current research points away from Santorini and toward the city-state Heliki, Greece as the home of Atlantis. Heliki was destroyed by an earthquake and accompanying tsunami in the year 373 B.C. Researchers have come to find remenants of the submerged city on the ocean floor.

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