Gef the Talking Mongoose

I’ll split the atom! I am the fifth dimension! I am the eighth wonder of the world!


In the early 1930s, the Irving family lived in the village Dalby on the Isle of Man. The family was normal, other than a strange mongoose living in their home. The mysterious creature first showed up in the Irving residence sometime in 1931, and, according to the accounts of James, Margaret, and Voirrey, initially lived in the walls and, not yet able to speak, imitated a range of animal noises. Eventually, the creature learned some language and eventually introduced himself as Gef and explained that he was from India.

Gef became famous and became the topic of many articles. Paranormal investigators even came and researched him. Many people were skeptical of Gef. Some claimed that is was a mass hallucination or a hoax created by Voirrey Irving. However, Gef would often ride the bus and talk to the drivers. He would gossip and talk about the people he saw on the bus.

In 1942, the Irving family described Gef as “a little animal resembling a stoat, a ferret, or a weasel, yellow in colour with a body about nine inches long. Its long bushy tail is speckled with black.” However, sometimes the family’s descriptions would vary between something real and something fake.

In addition to talking, Gef was known for singing in a high pitched voice. The family claims that he often sang “Home on the Range.” He would also give loud and rude speeches that criticized the home.

Eventually the story of Gef faded out. He is now known as the Dalby Spook that is blamed when things go wrong.

Sources for this episode include Mental Floss

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