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Skye fell in love with dark histories, mysteries, and conspiracies at a young age when she stayed up too late to watch documentaries on T.V. This was even more solidified when she read all of the contents of Snopes.com when she was in middle school. During this time, Skye’s classmates didn’t understand this interest and as a result, bullied Skye until she hid these interests. In college, Skye met others who shared the same dark interests and finally felt safe enough to be herself. Skye created this podcast as a way to fully embrace the interests that she hid for so long and to find others who have felt the same way. That emotional journey was the inspiration for the sign off “Be Your Weird Self.”

Skye has a degree in Communication Studies and Psychology. As a result, she has a fascination with people’s motives and what makes them tick. Additionally, when themes of mental health are present in a story she is covering, Skye always takes the time to highlight them.


Mystery Fanatic

Episode 12: Plum Island
Episode 13: Stanford Prison Experiment
Episode 22: The Death of Elisa Lam
Episode 23: Max Headroom Broadcast Signal Intrusion Episode 35: Cleopatra & Mark Antony’s Tomb

Caity is Skye’s sister-in-law and Cuyler’s older sister. Caity has starred as a guest, but just recently joined our HMCT team! Caity saw a ghost when she was younger, but absolutely does not remember it. Caity watches scary movies through her fingers and all throughout college convinced herself that The Lady in Black was creeping in her closet. Like her brother, Caity enjoys playing devil’s advocate. Caity is currently earning her Master’s in Social Work, but her goal in life is to become famous.


Dark History Nerd

Taylor is Skye’s friend from high school and college. She has recently become a member of the HMCT team! Taylor has a degree in Political Science and is interested in conspiracy theories surrounding the government of the United States and various political figures because of her background in politics. Currently she is taking time off before heading to graduate school by gaining experience at her current job and has caught the travel bug and is always itching for a new adventure or experience.

The Guests



Conspiracy Theorist

Episode 1: Dyatlov Pass Incident
Episode 2: Poveglia Plague Island
Episode 3: Sunspot Solar Observatory
Episode 4: H.H. Holmes

Elizabeth was the other founder of Histories, Mysteries, and Conspiracies. Even though Elizabeth has left the podcast for several reasons, including the fact that she’s getting married (how dare she), she still makes a guest appearance now and then. Elizabeth is fiercely passionate about public health and advocacy for victims of sexual assault. She is also a twin. And all of her siblings are twins. That itself is a conspiracy theory.

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Every podcast needs a mascot and Milo has volunteered for the job by laying on the computer and stepping on the microphone cord when recording. You can often hear him meowing in the background for attention or hear him when the voices become distorted because he messed up the hardware. Milo is passionate about food and knowing what’s behind closed doors.


Episode 5: Mandela Effect
Episode 6: Roanoke Colony
Episode 7: Bloody Mary
Episode 10: The First Thanksgiving
Episode 11: Spontaneous Human Combustion
Episode 17: Donner Party
Episode 18: D.B. Cooper
Episode 27: The Black Knight Satellite
Episode 29: Frank Hamer: Bonnie and Clyde Revisited


Episode 12: Plum Island
Episode 13: Stanford Prison Experiment


Episode 19: Ed Kemper
Episode 20: Bonnie and Clyde


Episode 21: The Murder of Emmett Till



Episode 14: Christmas Monsters
Episode 15: Princess Diana
Episode 16: Lizard People
Episode 25: Charles Manson: Early Life
Episode 26: Manson Family

Sterling and Friends

Episode 24: Paul McCartney Died in 1966

Blake Weatherly

From TAP Snaps

Episode 28: Interdimensional Hypothesis
Episode 37: The Battle of Los Angeles


From Deep into History

Episode 30: The Lost City of Atlantis


From The Cult of Domesticity

Episode 33: Sam Sheppard

Kat & Sam

From Pub Dread

Episode 34: Gef the Talking Mongoose & The Green Children of Woolpit


From None Dare Call it Ordinary

Episode 36: Somerton Man


From Podcast on Germany


Episode 38: King Ludwig II of Bavaria

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